Friday, July 18, 2014

An afternoon's doodling...

Every once in awhile, I get a bug to just draw something. Even though I'm horrible at it, I still love to do it, when I'm in the mood. My t-shirt, along with some Snapple, was the inspiration for this one, although I had to use my imagination to remember what the body of the minions looks like (I think I got it pretty accurately since I've seen the movies *cough* a couple times...)

I'm a very slow and precise draw-er...person. I went through a lot of eraser to get this end product :P But I had fun! And that's what counts on a lazy summer afternoon, right?


  1. Good job! I love drawing, too! (Though, I'm not very good at it)

  2. You gals are too modest, I think you are both excellent drawers!

    I love doodling more than drawing, but on occasion (like you) I will do some sketching too. It kinda gets me creatively inspired, which is a good plus for photographers! :)