Sunday, May 4, 2014

A weekend in Seattle

For Caleb's birthday, I got invited to spend Saturday in Seattle with the Moore family and Em and Caleb. (Unfortunately, brad couldn't come because of work). I love Seattle, so I wasn't going to miss this! I spent Friday night at Em and Caleb's (and found out I'm not half bad at Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox. Any challengers? :P) and we took off early Saturday morning and met everyone at Pike Place market, which is probably one of my most favorite spots in the whole world. It is so beautiful there.

-For anyone who hasn't been to pike place, they are pretty famous for their amazing flowers. These talented ladies whip out these gorgeous bouquets like nobody's business, it's really fun to watch them! And there are literally rows and rows of these flowers, so cool.

-This is like, the ultimate tourist photo right here, haha.

-I love how this photo turned out! Nothing better than yummy AND pretty coffee :)

-This is Em and Caleb's newest gadget. It's sooo cool, and makes super yummy coffee!

-Having a cold and getting 5 hours of sleep don't mix very well. Coffee to the rescue!! :)

If you haven't been to Pike Place, I would highly recommend doing so (as long as you take me with you ;). 

Stay warm and cozy this rainy weekend!

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