Wednesday, April 30, 2014


(Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen most of these pictures, but bear with me here ;)

-the weather around here has been gorgeous, and I've tried to take full advantage of it! I've been riding when I can, taking walks with my brother or my dog, and just enjoying the warm sunny days.

-My adorable niece came over with this shirt on last week. For all you farm girls out there :P

-Comcast decided to cut off our phone and Internet for a couple days (and told us by leaving a message on our phone which we obviously couldn't get. Geniuses...). After we spent literally hours trying to fix it, they finally came and got it fixed while we were at the conference on Friday. So what do you do when you have no Internet? Take selfies with your brother...

-Coffee at the conference. They actually spelled my name right!! This is one in a hundred :) (Guesses as to my regular coffee drink?? There's a hint on the cup :)

-Bradley eating his breakfast Saturday morning at the hotel. He was a wee bit grumpy, can you tell? ;)

-waiting for a session to start... 

-Lydian was so tired Tuesday morning that she fell asleep on the couch. How adorable is this pic? :) 

-FLOWERS!!! This is one of my all-time favorite things to do: Plant flowers in spring. I love going and picking out the flowers at the hardware store, coming home and listening to my music while working in the gardens and making them prettyful :)

-got to take Lydian to the softball games with me on Monday to watch uncle Brad play! When he was playing catcher, the guy at bat hit the ball, and as Lydian watched it fly deep into the outfield, she leaved over and said in a disappointing tone, "uncle Brad isn't very good at this..." ;)

Overall, life is good for this girl. Even though it has its ups and downs, I surely can't complain with all the blessings I have!

Hope ya'll have fun in the sun this week!

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