Thursday, April 10, 2014

I think it's about time for another "Randomness" post, haven't done one in awhile to update ya'll on the happenings around here...

1. I got contacts!! I've been wanting to forever, and finally did it. I really like them! They are so much nicer than glasses...

2. My little brother won our local piano competition!! I know most of you know this already, but I'm kinda proud of him ;)

3. We've been having GORGEOUS weather here in our little corner of Washington. Loving it so much, hoping it'll stick around for awhile!!

4. Bradley, feeling like he has a lot of Monopoly money when really I'm creaming him :P

5. A perk of having contacts? I can finally wear sunglasses!! You don't know nice that is until you actually get to wear them after 18 (almost typed 17 :P) years of not being able to!! :) 

6. It doesn't get better than this: going barefoot, washing the car, talking to my bestie on the phone, listening to music, and drinking iced coffee on a bright sunny day!! Luvin it...

7. And chillin with my dog on a spring break day :) didn't really get spring break since English class and music lessons were still in full swing, but it was a nice break from some school :)

Hope ya'll enjoyed your spring break and are taking full advantage of our beautiful sunshiny days!! :)

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  1. Nice pics. Um, did you notice that you still have CHRISTMAS wallpaper on your blog??