Thursday, February 13, 2014

A weekend with Emily

This weekend, I got to stay at Emily's while Caleb is gone on a business trip. We always have way too, too, too much fun doing girly things! This time, we went on a clothes shopping spree (well, I guess it wasn't really a "spree" since we both just got a couple things...). The awesome thing about shopping with Em? We both have the exact tastes in like, everything. She told me she hasn't been clothes shopping in awhile since she doesn't have me around as a second opinion :)
So, here are a couple random pics from our weekend:
-Eloise is my sleeping buddy. Whenever I'm over she sleeps on my bed :)
-why yes, we did buy matching minion t-shirts!! The fact that we're 21 and 17 doesn't matter...right? Cuz it's not just a kids movie...right? Yeah, you don't need to answer those questions...
-a very, VERY tired me trying to copy my minion's pose...

-Just another day, hangin' with Orlando Bloom at the library!! cuz we're totally best buds...
-Emily and I have this love for photo boths. The first time we did one with my niece, and we just kinda sorta fell in love with them. You get 4 pics on 2 strips (one for each person) for 3 bucks!! I mean, you can't beat that :) So those are two of the four pics from the photo strip. (And notice the new matching watches? :)

Overall, we had an awesome time!! Can't wait till we get to do it again! <3 ya, girlfriend! :)

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  1. How fun!! We always have a blast when Laura comes for the weekend (when Matthew is away)! Your hair is so cute - and I love you blue and white polka dot phone! =)