Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beautiful Birch Bay

I think I say this a lot, but Birch Bay is definitely one of my favorite spots (along with Bellingham Bay, Pike place market etc...). I love the beach. I love the sand between my toes, all the tiny creatures in the water, the gorgeous view...nothing better than to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon admiring God's amazing creation :)

 ~Beach combing...


 ~My handsome little brother :)

~An itty bitty starfish, no bigger than a quarter. So cute!

Genesis 1:20-21
20 Then God said, “Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.” 21 So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. 

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