Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A virtual room tour...

I was doing a bit of spring cleaning in my bedroom when I got a random idea to do a "room tour" on the blog so ya'll can see what The Zoo (as my family calls it :) looks like. Much as I've tried to get a "theme" or "color coordination" type thing going, it hasn't worked...but I still love my little space :) Hope you enjoy the tour!! (Photos taken on the iPod. Someday you'll get real pictures again :)

The first animal exhibit is the turtles. I've had these guys for about 5 years now, they're a lot of fun. And that's the closet door, not the entry door can see an itty bit of the entry door's moulding in the bottom left hand corner.

Turning to the right, you'll find a book case (with books on anything from horses, to guinea pigs, to Bible studies, or old westerns) and animal exhibits #2 and #3, the guinea pig cage on the left and the hedgehog cage on the right. (Those b&w pics strung above them? Thank you Pinterest... :)

And turn to the right a bit more and you'll find the place where those straight A's are born...yeah, I wish. In other words, it's where I do all my school work. And why I still have all those model horses I collected like, 8 years ago?? Good question...

Continuing on, you'll find the practice area (gotta love those Flesch scales...) and my bed with the most adorable hedgehog fabric pillowcase made for me by a sweet friend :)

And, we end the tour with a boring view of my dresser and exhibit #4, the dog bed (which you can barely see next to the dresser). You can also see some of the moulding from the entryway door on the right, which means you've gotten the full 360 view of my room :) But what tour of a zoo would be complete without seeing animals? You didn't think I'd let you go without a dose of cuteness, did you??

Elsie, my faithful pooch <3

And of course, Hemingway, who will never let you NOT notice him. He lets you know he's there with lots of squeaks...

And Holly Berry the hedgehog, a visitors' favorite at the zoo :)

Thanks for completing The Zoo's (aka, Ali's room) virtual tour!! Visiting hours are from 8:00-5:00, Monday-Friday. (Actually, by appointment only ;). Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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