Sunday, March 9, 2014

The real Holly Berry

I figured it was about time I got some real pictures of Holly Berry on here. But be warned, overload of cuteness ahead!!
(Pictures taken on my iPod, cuz the click of a "real" camera scares her :P)

~how cute is that little face?!
~she's my study buddy, and loves to roam around on my desk while I do my homework :)
The thing about hedge hogs is that they're so darn cute you just wanna pick 'em up and kiss 'em!! kinda can't. Yup, those spines are pretty prickly if you aren't careful in holding her. It's been so fun learning about a new "exotic" pet, she makes me smile all the time, and makes us all laugh at her funny ways :) I'm pretty sure I'll be owning hedgehogs for a long time...

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