Sunday, March 16, 2014

The grand shopping tour (of Bellingham)

For about the last six months, Jess and I have been WAITING for me to get my license so that we could do a shopping trip! After finally convincing our parents that I would be a safe driver (hehe), we set a date and took off on our adventure this last Friday!! We had a blast, shopped till we dropped (ok, not really :) and probably giggled way more than we should've!! 

~Trying on goofy glasses at Walmart :P
~ Yeah, we're weird...
~that's better!! They look better without the tags :P
~We were walking towards the checkout and found these boxes of little Easter stuffed animals!! They were SO soft :D (But no, we didn't buy them :P)
~And of course, my country cuz found a camo one...never fails :P

~Eating pizza at Costco, since we had to pick up dog food anyway :)
~DON'T WORRY, this was taken at a stoplight.

Overall, it was very successful, and no cars or pedestrians were harmed during the trip :) Thanks for being the bestest cuz, Jessie!! <3

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