Monday, August 19, 2013

Hunter Hayes

(Warning: these pictures are NOT very good at all, they're basically just proof that I was there :P)

As some of you know, Hunter Hayes was at the NWWA Fair on Thursday. He is definitely one of my favorite country singers.

I actually got to see him! It was so AWESOME!!

Got to hear him sing all of his best songs. (If you haven't heard him, look him up on YouTube :)

That was the most awesome day at the fair ever. Earlier that day, at 7:30 a.m. as I was headed to the cow barn to start working, I met Alexis B. who told me to run over to the dairy barn cuz there was a calf being born. I ran over there and sure enough, about 20 minutes after I got there, it was born!! So cool.

Now the fair is over, with mixed feelings :P It was a very long week, but very fun!


  1. Hey those pichas of Hunter actually turned out good! You're welcome for being nice and telling you about the calf(;

  2. I think i already told you this Ali, but i am so jealous of you!!! Like Lex said these are actually pretty impressive for concert shots!! :D And i think watching a calf being born is probably just bout as awesome as seeing Hunter Hayes in concert. ;)