Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekend in Seattle

This past weekend Friday-Saturday Em, Brad and I got to spend a very fun weekend with the Moore family. We went to a Mariners' game first with the whole family, then the three of us drove to the Moores'. The Mariners lost 3-6 (not a huge surprise ((sorry Mariners fans))), but we still had a blast! 

 ~Two pretty dang cute couples :)

Then on Saturday, Mr. Moore took Em, Brad, Ayrian, Caleb, Jonathan and I on a tour through inner Seattle. Brad and I had never been to Pike Place Market, and the very first Starbucks. Pike place was AMAZING, definitely want to go there again soon.

 ~The famous gum wall. Some of you may be going "Eew! Gross!!" but when I heard about it I just HAD to see it. Story goes that people weren't allowed to take gum in the theater, so they'd just stick it on the wall and that's how it started who-knows-how-long ago!

 ~Yup, you'd better appreciate this one, it took me forEVER to get those rotten letters to stay red while changing the background to b & w

 The fruit and flower stands are amazing. Several ladies stand behind each counter just whipping out bouquets of flowers like it's nobody's business! Oh, and the bouquets? CHEAP!! $10.00 for one of these beautiful bunches you'd pay $30-$40 for at a floral shop.

 ~I liked this pic a lot, but unfortunately my camera had a smudge on it :(

Thanks so much for a wonderful time, Moore family!


  1. Looks like fun! You where near our neck of the woods.

  2. I very much appreciate the time you put in the picture of the Public Market Center - it looks super neat! =)

    Interesting gum wall. It doesn't gross me out too much - I'd like to see it. =)

    How are things going with Em's courtship and Sam's engagement? Do S&J have a date for their wedding??

  3. That was pretty awesome! Kinda creepy sometimes, but Monsters University was probably the best part :)

  4. I think the smudge adds to the character of the pic! Great job(:

  5. Looks like FUN! Thanks for the update. We still need to do coffee!

    MW = Bam