Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So, you're all probably wondering where I've gone missing too and basically, you could say school work, school work and more school work (I <3 biology!) plus the every day chores and all that good stuff. But, no need to apologize; life happens! Plus I'm not so sure if I'm into this whole blogging thing... But anyway, photography has kinda' been put on the back burner for now (Sorry Mrs. Brown!) but I'll share some of my favorite pics from our vacation.

 Yeah, I had fun with that one :)

 Starbucks 5 minutes away from the condo; ahh, life couldn't be better.

So most of these aren't edited I'm *cough cough* feeling a little lazy...but enjoy!


  1. Are you taking a Biology course?

  2. Yup, I think it's Apologia's course. It's "Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd edition" It's a really great course, I love it! Do you like biology?

  3. Yes, I do enjoy Biology. That is the same curriculum I use, it is an amazing curriculum!

  4. You don't like Biology? I thought parts of it were really hard like Module 8, but over all I enjoyed it. This year I am taking Apologia Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology.