Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trip to Fairhaven

Since the men of the house were gone at a conference, we girls decided to do something fun (not that we can't have fun when they're here too :) So we took a day trip to Fairhaven and Bellingham bay, it was so much fun! It's a great place to take pictures by the way :)

 ~A cupcake from "Katie's Cupcakes"

~As you can tell, this picture was definitely Photoshopped, but I think it's pretty cool :D
~And a pretty boat.

Thanks Emily and Samantha, for being such awesome sisters, I love you! <3


  1. Nice pix! My favorite one is the boat!

  2. That was such fun! You're a great photographer! It's really cool having an in-house photographer to document all this stuff. I look really fat in the first pic though...eew. =)
    Love you back!