Monday, June 18, 2012

~Andrew and Sheena's wedding~

(Okay Caroline, here are the pictures :p)
It was a beautiful wedding at Lairmont Manor. The weather decided it was going to pour, but our cheerful cousin (the bride) sure didn't let it get to her, she was happy as can be under the umbrella :)

 ~First Kiss~

 ~The adorable cake topper~
~And a more adorable flower girl~
~Grandpa and Grandma~

Believe me, there are WAY more pictures, I think I took like 300 pics. But I decided not to bore you all with all 300 (and like I have the time to edit 300 pictures :D


  1. Good job, Ali! (and no blurriness; the pictures are crystal clear!) Poor bride with the rain, but it's good they made the best of it :-)

  2. Susi: You did a great job with the pictures, Ali! The umbrella's added a cute effect to the wedding!

    Kris: - I love the one of the kiss! Laura's right they are beautiful. I like to say that the pictures have such good quality that the blog can't handle it and makes them look blurry. :-P

    -Susi and Kris